Pressed wool felt is a kind of non-woven fabric, and it is not like waving fabric. It is a textile structure composed entirely of fibers physically interlocked and consolidated by mechanical work, chemical action and moisture without the use of weaving, knitting, stitching, thermal bonding or adhesives.

The processes of making pressed wool felt include compression, heat, moisture and vibration. Its construction depends upon the unique properties of the wool fiber. Wool fibers are unlike any other natural hair products, because their surface structure is comprised of raised scales, which naturally interlock with each other when compressed together.

The pressed wool felt can be used as material of shockproof, dust proof, felt pad, polishing, seals liner, oil seals, insulation, sound proofing, and sound absorption. Also it can be used as flexible steel wire cloth at the end of the needle felt material. (Many other usages according to customers’ practical application)