For cashmere products, we have powerful process lines (combing, spinning, and knitting), so we can supply all series of production from fiber, yarn to ready-made clothes in big quantity. The equipment is introduced from Japan, Germany and Italy. Through more than 20 years’ experience of production and sale, our products have novel style, meticulous work, and refined design.

Here are the different types of 100% cashmere yarn we have.

100% cashmere 2/26NM
100% cashmere 2/28NM
100% cashmere 2/36NM
100% cashmere 2/46NM
100% cashmere 3/15NM
100% cashmere 2/13NM
100% cashmere 3/68NM
100% cashmere 3/46NM
100% cashmere 2/48NM
100% cashmere 2/60NM
100% excellent cashmere 2/80NM
100% excellent cashmere 3/80NM

Color Cards

color card (1)
color card (2)
color card (3)
color card (4)